PhD Scholarships

The Antarctic Gateway Partnership has now allocated all the scholarships available from the Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative grant.

However there are still IMAS and AMC PhD projects available to suitably qualified graduates relevant to the four research themes:

  • Cryosphere-Ocean Interaction
  • Open Water and Under Ice Food Webs
  • Solid Earth-Cryosphere Interaction
  • Marine Technology and Polar Environments

PhD Topics: Current new PhD projects in IMAS are listed here. For enquiries regarding AMC projects please contact the AMC. Topics should be discussed with named supervisors before applying. The list of projects is not exhaustive and potential candidates are encouraged to contact researchers to discuss other PhD project ideas.

How to apply for University of Tasmania scholarships: The Graduate Research Office provides detailed information about scholarships including eligibility, award conditions and application processes. Where appropriate, students will be enrolled within the University's Quantitative Antarctic Science or Quantitative Marine Science PhD programs. For more information contact the IMAS Graduate Research Manager.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
May 1, 2018