Sustainable Marine Research Collaboration Agreement

Tasmanian Fisheries & Aquaculture Research

Our Research

As a research institute of excellence in temperate marine research, IMAS works in collaboration with the Tasmanian Government to ensure Tasmania's marine resources and industries are sustainably developed and managed.

Fishing boatsAs partners in the Sustainable Marine Research Collaboration Agreement (SMRCA) with the State Government, the University of Tasmania and IMAS aim to:

Fisheries Assessments

IMAS provides the Tasmanian Government and industry with fisheries assessments. These determine whether fisheries are sustainable and performing well, using data from research surveys and also catch and effort information from fishers.  They can also involve the forecasting of future stock levels under the current or alternative management arrangements.  Fisheries assessments are then used to inform the management of the upcoming season, such as to help with decisions on setting quotas.

Your can read our Fisheries Assessments here.

Fisheries & Aquaculture Research

To promote sustainable management of Tasmania's precious marine resources, IMAS undertakes specific research into important areas of fisheries and aquaculture science.

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Caught a tagged fish?

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December 19, 2016