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Approved QMS PhD Projects

The following is a list of PhD projects that have been approved by the QMS Steering Committee as suitable for inclusion in the QMS PhD program. All projects listed here are available to be undertaken by suitable PhD Candidates. Prospective Candidates interested in these projects should contact the project supervisors to discuss your interest in the project.

This list of projects is not exhaustive and students are encouraged to contact relevant academic staff to develop alternative PhD project proposals. All projects must be approved by the QMS Steering Committee prior to a Candidates inclusion in the QMS PhD Program. Projects should fit within one or more of the research areas of the QMS PhD program.

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Marine Environment Prediction

Internal waves and mixing in the Southern Ocean

Eastward flows, ocean mixing and air-sea interaction in the southeast Indian Ocean

Predicting the future of global seafood production

Dynamical downscaling of near-shore marine climate, extremes, and biogeochemistry around Southeast Australia

Modelling biodiversity related ecosystem processes as a Complex Adaptive System

The design and assessment of ocean observing systems

Cold core eddies of the East Australia Current and their fisheries potential

Ensemble data assimilation

Impact of climate change on Antarctic Intermediate Water: Using the past to predict the future

Climate Variability and Resource Management

Impact of climate change on Australia's climate drivers and water resources

Predictability of the interaction between El Nino Southern Oscillation and the tropical Indian Ocean

Climate and Ecosystems

Sensitivity of the ocean's overturning circulation to changes in climate

Closing the energy cycle in global ocean models

Quantifying the key physical processes responsible for ocean warming under Antarctic ice shelves

Predictability of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation

Testing of climate models and sea level rise projections using observations of ocean heat uptake

Determining and understanding changes in sea level over the last century


Variability and dynamics of the Indonesian Throughflow

The role of cephalopods in the structure and functioning of marine ecosystems

Alternative strategies for sustainable environmental management of nutrient loads in aquaculture

Modelling the cycle of iodine: sea to air, air to land surface

Estimating diffusion coefficients from ocean hydrography

Improved estimates of the Deep Ocean contribution to the Earth’s Energy and Sea level budgets from observation and climate models

Remarkable near-surface eastward flows in the South Indian Ocean: Understanding the dynamical links between the Indian Ocean subtropical gyre, Indonesian Throughflow, Leeuwin Current and subduction south of Australia