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Fast Facts

  • 135 staff (70 academic, 65 professional)
  • Two sites Sandy Bay and Taroona
  • 2012 budget - $25 million

Three research themes

  • Fisheries & aquaculture
  • Marine ecology & biodiversity
  • Ocean & climate

Major research & development programs (supported by government, industry, Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC), Australian Research Council (ARC), etc)

  • Sustainable Marine Research Collaboration Agreement (SMRCA)
  • Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) (2013->2014)
  • Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems (ACE) CRC (2014)
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Climate System Science Centre of Excellence (2017)
  • National Environment Research Program (NERP) Marine Biodiversity Hub (2014)
  • National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) Marine Adaptation Network (2012)

Major research plans

  • Post-Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) (salmon)
  • Global Environmental Change CoE
  • Cryosphere/Sea Level CoE
  • Temperate Marine Futures CRC
  • Oil, Gas, & Environment CRC
  • International Quiet Ocean Experiment (IQOE)
  • [IMOS, RV Investigator, RVIB Aurora Australis]

Major infrastructure plans

  • Waterfront building (September 2013->January 2014)
  • Experimental Aquaculture Facility (Taroona)
  • Polar/Temperate Ocean Simulator (Taroona)

National/International Representations

  • ANZIC: represent IMAS/UTAS in the Australia/New Zealand Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Consortium
  • APPEA: represent IMAS/UTAS in the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
  • GPO: represent IMAS/UTAS in the Global Partnership for Oceans
  • IODP-MI: represent IMAS/UTAS in the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International
  • Ocean Leadership: represent IMAS/UTAS in the Consortium for Ocean Leadership
  • POGO: represent IMAS/UTAS in the Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean

Primary Research Partners listing

  • Australian Antarctic Division (AAD)
  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)


  • Align marine, maritime, and Antarctic research and education across the university
  • Implement AAD-UTAS PhD Program in Quantitative Antarctic Science (QAS)
  • Implement CSIRO-UTAS PhD Program in Quantitative Marine Science (QMS)