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Are you interested in becoming a highly trained scientist, researcher, or leader in academic institutions, industry, government and communities across the world? At IMAS we deliver exciting, innovative, relevant, globally distinctive, practical and first-class education programs.

Positioned at the gateway to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and with collaborations and partners with the world's leading scientific institutions, IMAS can provide the next step in your career.

If you are interested in conducting postgraduate research we have a number of pre-approved honours and masters projects, if you cannot find a pre-approved course use our find a researcher tool.


Bachelor of

Marine and Antarctic Science (Honours)

1 Year Full Time / Hobart

Our Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science with Honours degree has been developed to provide students with advanced knowledge and scientific training in a specialised area of marine or Antarctic science.

Students will be trained in research methodology as preparation for employment in a research organisation or for postgraduate study in Masters or PhD programs; and to equip them with knowledge, skills, competencies and awareness in preparation for employment in many industries.

The degree is fully equivalent to an honours degree with any other University School and satisfies the usual eligibility requirements for research higher degrees and postgraduate scholarships.

Available specialisations in Antarctic and Southern Ocean matters include: biological sciences, physical sciences, chemical sciences, marine geosciences, law and policy, international relations, environmental management, and polar technology.

Bachelor of

Applied Science (Marine Environment) (Honours)

1 Year Full Time / Launceston

This course specifically aims to equip students with knowledge, skills, competencies and awareness in preparation for employment in translation of science research into practice, management and policy in government and industry. Specialisations offered are: Aquaculture, Fisheries Management and Marine Conservation.

The course also provides an entry point to a research higher degree for students who have graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Science (Marine Environment) or other science-based degrees this and other approved institutions.

Masters by Coursework

Master of Marine and Antarctic Science

2 years Full Time / Hobart
1st Year:

Master of Marine and Antarctic Science

For domestic students, the Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Science (Professional Honours) is your first year of the Masters of Marine and Antarctic Science course.

Our Professional Honours course aims to facilitate the development of the following educational objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of marine science concepts and their relationships to polar and general marine science fields of study.
  • Provide understanding of and practise with the methodology and related scientific techniques used in the study of polar environments, including emerging ideas an technologies used in the collection and analysis of data.
  • Experience in the scientific method as it is practised by professional scientists. These experiences include exposure to the process of scholarly critique, collaboration and practical field operations.

Successful candidates will then be eligible to enter the Master of Marine and Antarctic Science.

2nd Year: Master of

Marine and Antarctic Science

Designed by internationally recognised experts, our Master of Marine and Antarctic Science provides students with advanced instruction and training in emerging approaches and technologies in marine and Antarctic science. The course is designed to produce expertly trained scientists with an international perspective and research skills that are widely applicable. In particular, students of the Master program will develop an understanding of the roles the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic marine ecosystem in the global climate system.

This course has a flexible structure with numerous electives to choose from including:

  • Advanced Phytoplankton Methods;
  • Antarctic and Southern Ocean internship;
  • Birds and Mammals of the Southern Ocean;
  • Integrated Management and Conservation of Antarctica;
  • Marine Bio-telemetry;
  • Molecular Marine Ecology;
  • Southern Ocean Zooplankton Ecology;
  • Oceanographic Methods;
  • Southern Ocean Zooplankton Ecology; and
  • Other electives from the University of Tasmania and IAI partners.

Students are able to cross-credit study programs and may choose to take electives available at one of the 20 partner universities as well as undertake their research project in association with an IAI partner.

Graduate Diploma

Graduate Diploma of

Marine and Antarctic Science

1 year Full Time / Launceston and Hobart

Our Graduate Diploma in Marine and Antarctic Science provides you with a solid coursework grounding in your chosen area of specialisation, and provides a pathway to move onto our Master of Marine and Antarctic Science.

This unique program combines marine science with a focus on the southern ocean and Antarctica. You’ll have access to industry-leading facilities at the Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies (IMAS) and internationally recognised experts.

You'll have the choice to study one of the following three streams: Marine Biology, Fisheries Management or Sustainable Aquaculture.


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March 4, 2019