Marine and Antarctic studies attract those who have a fascination for the marine world or the polar regions, and those who are interested in becoming a highly trained scientist or policy-maker able to contribute to marine environmental conservation and sustainability.

These courses offer a wide range of careers options in marine and freshwater research, oceanography, aquaculture, fisheries, climate research, or environmental conservation.

Group work, projects and field trips provide extra challenges and opportunities to work alongside world-class academics and researchers.

Bachelor of

Marine & Antarctic Science

3 Years Full Time / Hobart

Run by world-renowned experts, this Hobart-based degree gives you a broad foundation in the study of temperate marine, Antarctic and Southern Ocean science based on interdisciplinary themes.

Single degrees in Marine and Antarctic Science usually take three years to finish (full-time) and require the successful completion of 24 units.

The degree takes an interdisciplinary approach and offers a number of majors.

  • Chemistry
  • Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing
  • Geology
  • Marine and Antarctic Governance
  • Marine Biology
  • Modelling and Technology
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Physics



"Where else in the world could you study Antarctic studies and have the Antarctic research ship that later on could take you to the Antarctic to do your research? Its incredible!"


I'm from the tropical island nation of the Maldives. I wanted to study something more than just marine science, so I decided to come to the University of Tasmania to study the Bachelor of Marine and Antarctic Studies. I researched a lot of universities. I compared the University of Tasmania with other universities and I found they provided a really unique course –the only marine and Antarctic science degree in the world. It also ticked all the boxes of what I wanted to study. So I said, "That's it, this is the degree, this is the uni!", so I decided then and there to come to Tasmania.


It is a great and rare opportunity to be able to study Marine Science and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania. IMAS is one of the top research facilities in the world. In fact, I doubt there is any other university in the world that offers a world class facility like this to normal undergraduates to study Marine and Antarctic Science.

Bachelor of

Applied Science (Marine Environment)

3 Years Full Time / Launceston

This is a vibrant and contemporary Launceston- based undergraduate degree program in translational science that develops high-performing graduates with specialist skills and knowledge in the marine environment. The flexible degree structure ensures you can gain broad exposure across natural and biological sciences, economics, management, social science, policy and law.

During your study, you'll gain hands-on experience in field research techniques, laboratory methods and opportunities to undertake work placement in industry and government. With such a dynamic range of topics, you'll be well equipped to pursue a number of career pathways related to marine research, the aquaculture industry, sustainable resource use and environmental management.

In the Applied Science (Marine Environment) degree, there is a compulsory core major for all students, with a choice of second major (Aquaculture, Fisheries Management or Marine Conservation), a linked minor and student electives.

Students will have the opportunity to complete a marine research project or a discipline-based capstone unit.

Associate Degree in


2 Years Full Time / Launceston

*This course is no longer being offered through IMAS, however the University College has a new Associate Degree in Applied Science (Aquaculture) commencing in 2018. More information about the University College can be found here. Applications will automatically transfer and don't require you to reapply.

If you require further information regarding the Associate Degree in Applied Science (Aquaculture), please contact Robin Barnes (course coordinator) at robin.barnes@utas.edu.au or (+613)6324 3539.

The Associate Degree in Aquaculture offers student education and training in aquaculture and preparation for the workplace. This is achieved through a mix of vocational, scientific and technological activities together with work experience. The course emphasises the development of skills which lead to independence in the work place alongside the ability to work in a team situation.

The Associate Degree in Aquaculture is a two year full-time (or part time equivalent) coursework program consisting of 16 X 12.5% weighted Units assessed by assignment and examination across Introductory (100 level) and Intermediate (200 level) Units.

High School Students:

Practical Introduction to Temperate Marine Biology

At IMAS we know that lots of high school students already have a passion for the marine environment. By enrolling in our XAS101 Practical Introduction to Marine Biology Year 11 and 12 students can experience a hands-on curriculum set in the beautiful Tasmanian marine environment.

For more information about Undergraduate courses at IMAS:

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