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Tormey Reimer: Clarifying and Optimising the Environmental Benefits of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA)

Javed Riaz

Javed Riaz:  Adelie Penguins as Ecosystem Indicators: foraging behaviour and habitat

Natalia Ribeiro

Natalia Ribeiro Santos: There goes the neighbourhood: how enhanced ice shelf melting is impacting downstream polynyas

Pimnara (Nia) Riengchan: Seasonal changes in calcification depth, population structure and shell morphology of Southern Ocean pteropods

Matthew Rose: Functions and phase-shifts: predictors of Australia’s shallow reef biogenic habitat structures

Paula Ruiz: Mechanisms of stability for degraded ‘turf-dominated’ reef states

Jakop Schwoerbel

Jakop Schwoerbel: Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquaculture: optimisation of hatchery production

Aditya Sharma: Exploring the fine-scale variability in over-winter transport pathways of larval krill: An east-west comparison

Jiaxin Shi: Marine heatwaves hazards, risks, and emerging stress scapes under global warming

Prashasti Singh: The composition and evolution of diatoms around Antarctica inferred from marine sedimentary ancient DNA

Aaron Smith: Identification of Candidate Vaccine Antigens to Protect Atlantic Salmon from Amoebic Gill Disease

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith: Lose home or eat more: comparative prey choice and consumption of different rock lobsters species on barren forming sea urchins

Brett Stacy: Optimising Data Collection and Robust Tag-Based Assessment Strategies for Exploratory Fisheries

Lillian Stewart: Identifying solutions-based approaches to debris accumulation on remote islands

Ilaria Stollberg: Modelling climate change impacts on Antarctic ecosystems using an end-to-end ecosystem model

Jiaoyang Su: The Role of Eddies in Southern Ocean Biogeochemistry

Colm Tong: Capturing connectivity in marine management

Chris Traill: Coupling biogeochemical cycling of iron and carbon in the Indian Sector of the Southern Ocean

Danielle Udy: Extending the Palaeohydroclimatology Record of Eastern Australia to Underpin Efficient Water Management by Understanding Long Term Climate Variability

Theodore Mikael Uy: Does cannibalism aid or supplement growth, or does growth stimulate cannibalism – and can cannibalism be mitigated by dietary feed manipulation?

Phil Vandenbossche

Phil Vandenbossche: Evolution of the seafloor of the Australian-Antarctic Southern Ocean

Benjamin Viola: Understanding habitat use by Snow Petrels in a changing environment

Sophia Volzke: The demography southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) under changing climatic conditions

Lael Wakamatsu: The Inception, Development and Spread of Harmful Algal Blooms and Links to Oceanographic Phenomena

Yu Wang:  Mesoscale eddy energetics and the shelf-open ocean tracer exchange in the East Australian Current region

Yuxin Wang: Understanding the predictability of marine heatwaves

Ahmad Catur Widyatmoko: Applying New Tracking Technologies and Optimal Foraging Theory to Understand Small Scale Fisheries and Address Illegal Fishing

Mike Williams: Novel molecular methods for characterising the microbiota of cultured oysters and the impact of environmental inputs.

Sarah Willington

Sarah Willington: Fish sizes and growth in a warming ocean.

Andrea Wirtz: Factorial Bioenergetic Model for Determination of Protein and Energy Requirements of Spiny Lobster Juveniles in Culture

Lincoln Sheung Chi Wong: The Ecological Significance and Habitat Restoration Effectiveness of Taut Ecomooring: Assessing the recovery and temporal changes of epibenthic community and threatened species distribution

Rachel Wong: Describing deep reef fauna of the Tasman Fracture Marine Park: Spatial and temporal patterns and broader biogeographical relationships

Bailee Woolley: Life-history and reproductive behaviour of the vulnerable Melbourne Skate to inform fisheries management and conservation

Bridgette Wright: Tipping points in marine socioecological systems

Olivia Wynn: Inorganic carbon physiology of marine macroalgae in a changing climate: physiological and molecular responses

Yinghuan Xie: Physical oceanographic constraints on ocean-based CO2 removal for climate intervention

Qianjiang Xing: How the complexity of continental breakup controls ocean circulation

Kai Yang: Are declines in coastal biodiversity driven by trends in frontal activity?

Xiang Yang: Drivers of changes in air-sea CO2 exchange and carbon cycling in the Subantarctic and coastal East Antarctica

Huan Sheng (Vincent) Yap: Creating opportunities for bull kelp aquaculture

Adam Yeap:  Amino Acid Requirements of Juvenile Tropical (Panulirus Ornatus): Towards the development of effective formulated feeds

Bowen Zhang: Climate change effects on nutritional profiles and ecology of Australian and Southern Ocean marine species

Haiting Zhang: Adaptability of Larval Euphausia superba to changes in key environmental parameters

Mengzhu (Maggie) Zhang: China, Science and the Values of the Antarctic Treaty System

Shujing Zhang: Adjoint modelling of the sensitivity of Southern Ocean heat uptake

Xihan Zhang: The role of small-scale ocean dynamics for equilibration of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current and its sensitivity to wind

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30 May, 2023