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Angela Hansen: Environmental pollutants including plastic and trace elements in Tasmanian and Victorian waterfowl

Yann Herrera Fuchs: Understanding the drivers of global reef change

Meg Han: Does water mass variability at intermediate depth in the tropical southeast Indian Ocean originate in the Southern Ocean?

Aaron Hibbert:  Advances in modelling benthic-pelagic solute fluxes in marine environments

Kelly Hoareau:  Science, technology and decision-making in the blue economy: Addressing knowledge gaps

Hannes Hollmann: A geophysical investigation of the subglacial environment and its role in the evolution of ice dynamics

Sierra Ison

Sierra Ison: Linking Marine Science to Action: the role and utility of outcome mapping

Maya Jakes:  Linking Marine Science to Action: the role and utility of outcome mapping

Khattapan Jantawongsri: Immunotoxicology of The Fourhorn Sculpins (Myoxocephalus quadricornis) Living in a Lead-Zinc Mine Site in North East Greenland

Xiaoxuan Jiang: Stratospheric influence on tropospheric climate: a window to improve extremes’ predictability

Alexandra (Alex) Johne: Developing new mechanistic size-structured models to support climate-resilient aquaculture

Olivia Johnson: Safeguarding Threatened Reef Species

Robert Johnson: Effects of Climate Change on Phytoplankton Primary Production and Chemotaxonomy in Southern Ocean and Antarctic Ecosystems

Tyson Jones: Traits of detectability: Towards unbiased density estimates of reef fishes and invertebrates

Calum Knight: Cloud microphysical processes above Southern Ocean sea ice and coastal Antarctica

Rebecca (Becky) Konijnenberg: Ecological Monitoring in the Southern Ocean

Barbara Labbe Roldan: Responses of red seaweeds (Rhodophyta) with various inorganic carbon uptake mechanisms to the different components of the seawater carbonate system (CO2, H+,HCO3-) and future global scenarios

Michael Landman: Lipid Class Requirement and Metabolism of Rock Lobsters

Micah Landon-Lane: Cultivation of high-value seaweeds for food

Sarah Landru: Predicting quota allocation and uptake in output-managed fisheries: a bio- economic analysis

Phuc Le : Marine debris hotpots in relation to fronts in marine protected areas

Stephy Libera: The Ocean's role in driving Antarctic Sea Ice Trends

Darren Li Shing Hiung: understanding projected changes to marine heatwaves and cold spells beyond those due to simple global warming trends

Yuhang Liu: Heat transport in the Denman region

Chelsea Long:  Improving Australia's water security using Australian ice core research

Yuxuan Lyu: Tracking Human and Natural Changes in the Ocean Salinity in the Southern Hemisphere: evidence for Earth’s accelerating water cycle

Luca Magri: Geophysical and petrological investigation of the evolution of William's Ridge, Kerguelen Plateau

Coline Marciau:  Monitoring Adelie penguins and using them as eco-indicators of the marine Antarctic communities with an eco-physiological approach

Dale Maschette: Investigating sources of variability in the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Toothfish fishery

Jessica Melvin: Effect of Ocean Acidification on Physiology and Growth of Antarctic Krill

Georgia Mergard:  Modelling changes in marine ecosystems using DNA dietary data of marine predators

Juan Carlos Montes-Herrera

Juan Carlos Montes-Herrera: Improving Biodiversity Assessments of Benthic Communities using Underwater Hyperspectral Techniques

Sushmita Mukherji: Life history and vulnerability of elasmobranchs landed in small-scale fisheries in the Indo-Pacific

Christina Muller Karanassos: Assessing the status of a commercially important emperor(Lethrinus olivaceous), to inform coral reef fisheries management in Palau

Michael Murunga

Michael Murunga: Are We Getting Through? Evaluating the Success and Impact of Science Communication and Engagement Activities

Allyson Nardelli

Allyson Eduardo Nardelli: Seaweed Solutions for Sustainable Aquaculture: optimisation of at sea culture

Amy Nau: Mapping the Middle: Analysis of the water column using acoustic and optical methodologies

Katherine Ollerhead

Katherine Ollerhead: Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Physiology, Metabolic Rate and Aerobic Scope of Elasmobranchs

Bradley Paine: Microfossil and Ancient DNA Approaches to Reconstruct Changes in Plankton Communities in an 8000-year-old Maria Island Sediment Core

Chengyuan Pang: Eddy-driven diapycnal mixing in the Indonesian Seas: processes and impacts

Penny Pascoe

Penelope Pascoe: The Effects of Pest Eradication and Seabird Recovery on Island Food Web Structure and Function

Zhangcheng Pei:  Clouds and precipitation over the Southern Ocean and Antarctica in a high-resolution regional model: evaluation and configuration testing against observations.

Leteisha Prescott: The effects of sustained swimming on long-term changes to Chinook salmon form and composition

Xintong Qiu: Developing a Process Model for Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) Technology Incorporating a Fugacity Model to Track Waste Signal


Petra Del Rocio Quezada Rodriguez: Gill Necrosis in Farmed Atlantic Salmon

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29 May, 2023