Fishery Data: economic and social data collection and management

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    Fisheries & Aquaculture
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    Steven Rust, Karen Alexander

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    This project collects and reports social and economic information on Tasmanian commercial fisheries. Fisheries management in Tasmania is required to take account of the community’s needs and interest in living marine resources (LMRMA 1995) so reporting of economic and social performance helps this process.  Social and economic data can also be important for helping make decisions about changes in fisheries management.Tasmanian Cray Boats

    Assessment of social and economic performance has started with identifying performance indicators, and using available data, to produce preliminary assessments of Rock Lobster, Abalone and Scalefish. 

    Relevant indicators include those that measure fleet-wide and public benefits arising from the use of these fisheries resources. They include trends in how much economic yield these fisheries generate, what level of benefits are private (industry) versus public, who participates in these fisheries, and who derives livelihoods from these fisheries.

    The project also aims to establish regular collection and ongoing management of social and economic data, in partnership with industry associations and the Tasmanian Government.

    Publications and reports

    News story: Economic and Social Assessment of Tasmanian Fisheries

    Report: Economic and Social Assessment of Tasmanian Fisheries 2016/17

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Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
29 November, 2019