Tasmania's Marine Atlas Project

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    Fisheries & Aquaculture
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    Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)

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    The Tasmania’s Marine Atlas project aims to collate and make available sets of data about the state’s coastal waters to ensure our marine environment is sustainably managed.

    Extensive and reliable datasets about the biophysical state of the ocean and coast, and its human uses, are needed to ensure the sustainable use and management of the marine environment. This includes social, cultural, environmental, ecological and administrative data relevant to key locations in our coastal waters.

    The data already exists within the Tasmanian context but are often not widely distributed, or are not formatted with the capacity of interacting with other data layers or analysis tools.

    The Marine Atlas project, funded by the FRDC, will identify, compile, and standardise geographical datasets relevant to marine socio-ecological systems in Tasmanian waters. Informal consultations with data holders will help the research team ensure the Marine Atlas both captures all relevant information and is useful to stakeholders including industry, government, researchers, and other stakeholders.

    The project will include a gap analysis process, where key geographical data gaps will be identified to inform future data collection projects. During the project, no new field-based data will be collected but a secondary analysis may create new datasets.

    Additionally, the project will consider geographical decision making tools The key output of this project will be an online platform, which will allow visualisation and possibly interaction with compiled datasets.

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Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
30 November, 2022