Understanding Fish-Killing Mechanisms by Harmful Algal Blooms: Towards the design of effective mitigation strategies

  • Research Theme
    Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Funded By

    Australian Research Council

  • Principal Investigator
  • Contributor(s)

    Dr Juan Dorantes Aranda, Andreas Seger (PhD Candidate)

  • Project Summary

    In our lab, we have identified how fish can be killed through a complex sequence of algal cells bursting and damaging the gills of the fish. This sequence includes the release of a cocktail of reactive oxygen species, polyunsaturated free fatty acids, and other agents that can have a toxic effect on cells. In this project, we aim to block key steps in this event chain towards achieving new insights into fish killing mechanisms and designing effective fish kill mitigation strategies for fisheries and aquaculture.

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Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
1 October, 2019