Autonomous platforms and biotagging data: new approaches for understanding variability and change across the Antarctic ocean/sea-ice climate system

  • Research Theme
    Oceans & Cryosphere
  • Cross-disciplinary Theme(s)
    Ocean-Earth System
  • Funded By

    Australian Research Council
    From 2014 to 2019

  • Principal Investigator

    Dr Guy Williams

  • Contributor(s)

  • Project Summary

    This study aims to advance our ability to assess and monitor climate change across the Antarctic ocean/sea-ice system. Ocean/sea-ice interactions have a critical role in the global climate and there is an urgent need to determine how these are responding to climate change. To do this effectively, we need to overcome gaps in existing observational datasets that currently limit our understanding of spatiotemporal variability and change in the ocean around Antarctica. This study will use two new observational approaches, biotagging and autonomous platforms, to greatly improve our capacity to model and predict the impacts of climate change on the Antarctic ocean/sea ice system and beyond.

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Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
1 October, 2019