Daily-ageing of Gambusia holbrooki, a short-lived pest fish, using novel molecular tools.

Supervisor team may include: 

Dr Jawahar Patil

Knowledge of population age-structure is necessary for stock assessments, and to develop management plans for invasive species such as the Gambusia. Size is generally associated with age; however, there are variations in size at any particular age for most fish species making it difficult to estimate one from the other with precision. Conventionally, counting natural growth rings on the scales, otoliths, vertebrae, etc has been used to good effect particularly in long-lived fish where the annual rings can be easily distinguished and annual aging is more appropriate for most management purposes. In short-lived species where they mature in months a daily ageing tool is necessary. Taking advantage of recent development in molecular biology this project will aim to establish a more precise againg framework, that is cross-validated with daily rings that may be laid on hard parts such as the otolith, scale and fin rays.

Suitable for February or July start date.

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Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
October 1, 2019