Integrated aquaculture of tropical seaweeds and lobsters


Professor Catriona Hurd

This project is to evaluate the ability of seaweeds to mitigate nitrogen loading from rocks lobsters grown in aquaculture.  The major excretory product of rock lobsters is ammonium, which can be toxic in high concentrations and needs to be removed from culture systems. However, ammonium is an important source of inorganic nitrogen to seaweeds, the growth of which is typically nitrogen limited.  This research will determine the ammonium uptake ability of seaweeds under different environmental conductions (light, temperature, water flow), with a long term view of establishing an integrated rock lobster/seaweed culture system.  The work is funded by the ARC research hub for Rock Lobster culture systems (

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
July 30, 2020