Observer variability in measuring seabird biometrics

Supervisory Team:

Primary supervisor: Jennifer Lavers

Co-supervisor: Alexander Bond, IMAS adjunct

Brief project description:

Ecological research using biometric data is only sound if biometrics themselves are accurate and not confounded by measurement error. There is currently limited understanding of intra- and inter-observer variability of commonly used measurements in wildlife studies. The Honours or MSc candidate will investigate the repeatability and precision of key measurements used in seabird studies (e.g., wing and beak length) and examine whether the level of experience an observer has plays an important role.

Skills students will develop during this research project:

The student(s) will gain knowledge in seabird ecology. The student will also gain hands-on laboratory and wildlife handling experience, skills in scientific writing and statistical analyses.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
December 13, 2021