Regional contrasts in Tasmanian cross-shelf fish assemblages recorded from baited-underwater-video surveys

Supervision team:

Associate Professor Neville Barrett

Dr Jacquomo Monk

Baited underwater videos (BRUVs) are now in common use for surveying fish populations on reef systems around Australia. A number of surveys have now been undertaken at locations around Tasmania, but this information has yet to be synthesised to gain an understanding of the general lessons from this with respect to biogeographical patterns, ranges and depth distributions of key species, or the effectiveness of potential indicator species for long-term monitoring programs. A project is available to undertake this synthesis, as well as potentially completing an additional set of BRUV deployments on the Tasmanian west coast to fill in a current biogeographical gap in this regional coverage.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
October 7, 2019