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Calanopia minor

Scott A. (1902)

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Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Maxillopoda
Subclass Copepoda
Order Calanoida
Family Pontellidae


  • Female: 1.24 – 1.40 mm
  • Male: 1.11 – 1.18 mm

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Form of urosome somites (female: urosome 2 somite distinctly longer than genital somite, male: no small tooth on right border of urosome somite 2)
  • Form of P5


  • A1 extends to end of 3rd pedigerous somite
  • Right A1 geniculate
  • Basis of left P5 is swollen towards proximal end of inner margin, swollen part produced into a small tooth-like spine
  • Basis of right P5 exopodite is also swollen
  • Flattened joint of P5 1st exopodite segment, with a seta on inner margin, outer thumb short and naked
  • Claw-like P5 2nd segment is spoon shaped and without any teeth, but with 2 inner marginal seta
  • Urosome somite 2 has no spiny process


  • Rostrum pointed
  • Last prosome somite produced on each side into acute spine
  • P5 is quite symmetrical with 4 segments, distal segment terminates in long spine and 1 short spine, with a further spine on outer mid segment
  • Urosome 2-segmented, 2nd somite distinctly longer than the genital somite


  • Coastal, oceanic
  • Subtropical and tropical
  • Indian and Pacific Oceans


  • Sometimes found living in the neustonic layer
  • This copepod has been reported as part of several plankton communities, but little is known about its ecology


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