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Rhincalanus rostrifrons

Dana (1849)

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Phylum Arthropoda
Subphylum Crustacea
Class Maxillopoda
Subclass Copepoda
Order Calanoida
Family Rhincalanidae
Genus Rhincalanus
Species rostrifrons


  • Female: 2.79 - 3.80 mm
  • Male: 2.41 - 2.95 mm

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Distinct form of anterior cephalosome with dorsally visible rostral filaments
  • Form of female P5


  • Right P5 uniramous, 3-segmented with the terminal segment extended into a curved spine
  • Left P5 biramous with a 1-segmented exopodite bearing a curved terminal spine, a 2-segmented endopodite, the 1dt segment longer than the 2nd, the endopodite around the same length as the exopodite


  • Extremely extended point on anterior Ce, with prominent rostral filaments which protrude laterally, visible in dorsal view
  • A1 around 1.5x as long as body
  • P5 3-segmented, without seta on 2nd segment, the terminal segment extended into a stout curved point, with an internal toothed spine




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