How to Apply for the QMS PhD Program

Important information about QMS PhD projects

PhD projects undertaken in the QMS program must be approved by the QMS Steering Committee. Applicants may select a project from the range of existing approved projects. It is recommended that applicants contact project supervisors prior to submitting your application. Your project choice should be submitted along with your scholarship application.

The list of approved projects is not exhaustive and applicants are encouraged to contact relevant academic staff to develop alternative PhD project proposals. The PhD Project proposal will be assessed by the QMS Steering Committee and recommended to the Board of Graduate Research. Projects should fit within one or more of the research areas of the QMS program.

Domestic applicants

Students majoring in physical sciences, life sciences, physics, mathematics, statistics, geomatics or engineering, and who meet the University of Tasmania PhD entry requirements, are eligible. Students will have either a strong mathematics background or develop adequate skills through coursework.

Students should apply using the online application process.

Students should read the admission requirements prior to submitting their application.

International students

International students are eligible to apply for a QMS PhD Scholarship and should apply using the application form.

Students should read the admission requirements prior to submitting their application.

It is also recommended that international applicants apply for an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship to assist with tuition fees.

Existing University of Tasmania PhD candidates

PhD Candidates at the University may apply to transfer to the QMS PhD program. Typically candidates will already have an APA or equivalent scholarship.

The following conditions apply:

  • The candidate must be less than 12 months into their candidature;
  • The candidate's project must be approved by the QMS Steering Committee as appropriate for the QMS PhD program;
  • The candidate must have gained a commitment from an appropriate CMAR scientist to co-supervise the project;
  • The candidate must be able to demonstrate either a strong mathematics background or the capacity to develop adequate skills through coursework; and
  • The candidate must agree to undertake and complete the compulsory QMS coursework program.

PhD candidates should arrange to meet with the Director of the QMS PhD Program, Associate Professor Peter Strutton, and their current supervision team to discuss their intentions before submitting an application form.

For more information, see the Graduate Research Office website


For more information about entry to the QMS program, please contact the QMS Program Coordinator:

Dr Christine Fury

Ph.  6226 6668

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
December 13, 2021