QMS PhD Candidate Travel Support

Postgraduate Conference Support

PhD Candidates enrolled in the UTAS-CSIRO PhD Program in Quantitative Marine Science may apply for financial assistance to attend interstate and international conferences relevant to their research. Support may also be provided for students who wish to undertake short courses at an interstate or international institution.

Funding may be provided for travel to and from the conference/course, accommodation during the conference/course and registration fees. Individual candidates may be funded up to $2000. It is expected that candidates also apply for travel funds available from sources (e.g. their school, their supervisor, the Graduate Research Candidate Conference Fund) other than QMS to complement their application.

Preference will be given to those students who have not received prior funding under this program.

Application for conference support (DOC)

Conference application form (PDF 20KB)

Please note: under the University travel policy you must book all travel through Andrew Jones Travel. Your application will be assessed by the QMS Steering Committee. Submit completed application forms to:

Email Christine Fury with your application

Ph: +61 3 6226 6668
Email: Christine.Fury@utas.edu.au

Travel Insurance

The University has travel insurance to cover Council Members, employees and PHD and Masters students whilst engaged on authorised University travel outside Tasmania. The cover is for a maximum period of 180 days.

Where the trip is extended to include private travel, it is the responsibility of the individual concerned to arrange insurance cover for this component of the trip.

Further details of the cover can be obtained from the Insurance website.

Combining Business and Private Travel

University business travel includes days spent on University business, including conferences, research, related activities, and travel time. It also includes unavoidable time between business activities due to scheduling issues, including weekends and public holidays.

You may be required to pay 50% of your airfare if you combine private travel with travel for University business.

Private travel will only be considered to be incidental to University business travel where the business travel is at least equal to the private travel. In addition, the following guidelines must be met:

Business Days AwayPrivate days off
1 - 30 daysup to 3 days prior to, and 3 days post the business days
31 - 60 daysup to 7 days (total private days in the period away)
61 - 90 daysup to 14 days (total private days in the period away)
91+ daysup to 21 days (total private days in the period away)

Where private travel is not considered to be incidental, it is University policy that the employee should pay for 50% of the airfare.

Also see the University Policy on combining business and private travel.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
February 15, 2021