Our sustainable aquaculture research seeks to improve our understanding of production biology and the environmental impacts and interactions of aquaculture in temperate marine environments, while ensuring food security for the future. We look to apply our knowledge to advance global aquaculture.

Our key collaborative partnerships and our ability to develop leading technology has enhanced our international research capacity in aquaculture.

We focus on providing scientific knowlege about production and independent advice to support the management and regulations of the aquaculture industry in Tasmania and around the world.

We also have a strong commitment to passing our knowledge on to the next generation of scientists, industry leaders and policy makers.

Our sustainable aquaculture research disciplines include:

  • Production biology and animal performance
  • Aquaculture technology innovation
  • Aquatic animal health, biosecurity and welfare
  • Ecosystem effects and interactions
  • Global seafood trends.

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Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
October 30, 2020