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Fritillaria pellucida

Busch (1851)

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Phylum Chordata
Class Appendicularia
Order Copelata
Family Fritillariidae
Genus Fritillaria
Species pellucida


  • Trunk up to 2.2 mm long
  • Tail up to 3 mm

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Trunk
  • Rectangular and flattened, with 2 conic appendices on its genital end
  • Mouth with protruding upper lip
  • Digestive tract axis transverse
  • Gonads asymmetrically arranged
  • Testis on the right side of the body; cylindrical and transverse in young specimens, later becoming Y-shaped
  • Ovary spherical, on the left side of the body
  • Tail
  • Musculature broad
  • V shaped notch at rear
  • Two amphichordal cell on each side, with ejective ducts, (no of cells may be reduced to 3)


  • The distribution in Australian includes
  • Worldwide distribution North and Central Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, subtropical SW Atlantic Ocean, tropical Indian and W Pacific Oceans