Dr Curtis Champion

Headshot of Curtis Champion

What is your current role?

Research Scientist (Research Scientist Classification), NSW DPI Fisheries Research, Coffs Harbour

What did you like best about the program?

Access to supervisors from both University and Government sectors whose collective skill set encompasses quantitative expertise, extensive research rigor and the ability to effectively communicate science to relevant stakeholders. Being effectively mentored in the journey from undertaking quantitate analyses for addressing a question or solving a problem to communicating subsequent findings to relevant parties facilitated diverse learning opportunities and experiences that I could effectively draw upon in future scenarios.

How has it helped you in your current career?

As a QMS PhD candidate, I worked with large oceanographic datasets and species distributional information to predict changes to the distributions and condition of harvested marine resources in response to natural short-term environmental variation and longer-term climate change. The skills developed through these case-study analyses I undertook during my PhD have proven valuable and applicable for a diverse range of application. Today in my current role, I rely on these skills almost every day to inform the scientific community and marine users and mangers about how living marine resources and ecosystems response to environmental conditions. Applications of these skills range from undertaking vulnerability assessments of marine systems to climate change, identifying future refuges for species of high conservation value and evaluating how stakeholder access to resources they are dependent on varies seasonally and on long-term timescales.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
September 8, 2023