Physical Oceanography and Sea Ice

The oceans store 93% of the energy increase in the earth system caused by climate change.

The Southern Ocean is home to the Antarctic Circumpolar Current which is the biggest ocean current in the world. The Southern Ocean is one of the fastest evolving oceans in response to climate change.  We have established programs that describe the Southern Ocean changes in sea ice, ocean temperature and salinity, and its large scale circulation. We have the capability to deploy instrumentation, moorings, autonomous floats, gliders, and undertake ship-based measurements. We do this observational work with our collaborators. Ocean modelling is an essential part of understanding the processes that control large-scale circulation and sea ice, and how these changes would evolve. We want to know if the changing oceans and sea-ice are influenced by humans.

Image caption: Pictures of autonomous instruments and finescale simulations of the type from Max Nikurashin or Andreas Klocker.

Authorised by the Executive Director, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies
1 October, 2019