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Solmundella bitentaculata

Quoy & Gaimard (1833)

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Phylum Cnidaria
Class Hydrozoa
Order Narcomedusa
Family Aeginidae
Genus Solmundella
Species bitentaculata


  • Umbrella up to 12 mm wide

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Bell is hemispherical, the bell margin is lobed. This may be hard to distinguish in squashed specimens
  • 2 long, persistent tentacles, often with distinct bands
  • Tentacles issuing from inside the animal and not from the margin
  • No secondary tentacles, tentacular bulbs, radial canals or benthic polyps
  • Gonads on the manubrium,
  • Broad velum
  • Apical mesoglea very thick
  • 8 manubrial pouches
  • Without peripheral canal system




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