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Aidanosagitta neglecta

Aida (1897)

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Phylum Chaetognatha
Class Sagittoidea
Order Aphragmophora
Family Sagittidae
Genus Aidanosagitta



  • Maximum adult body length 8 mm
  • Tail 26-30% of body length

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Body firm, opaque, slender
  • Head narrow but rounded
  • Hooks not serrated
  • Fin bridge absent
  • Anterior fins start close to the ventral ganglion; of medium length, fully rayed, rounded
  • Posterior fins of medium length, fully rayed, rounded
  • Long, narrow collarette
  • Large eyes, with star-shaped pigment spot
  • Seminal vesicles with knob and trunk touching; or close to posterior fins but separated from tail fin
  • Ovaries long, reaching to neck region
  • Ova large


  • Epipelagic
  • Indo-Pacific between 30°S to 30°N


  • Opportunistic predators that detect prey by sensing their movement, e.g. beating motions of larvaceans
  • Will feed on other chaetognath species
  • Exhibits diel vertical migratory behaviour


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