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Serratosagitta bierii

Alvariño (1967)

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Phylum Chaetognatha
Class Sagittoidea
Order Aphragmophora
Family Sagittidae
Genus Serratosagitta
Species bierrii


  • Maximum adult body length 19 mm, tail 22-29% of body

Distinguishing characteristics

  • Serrated hooks 5-7
  • Anterior@teeth 5-8, posterior@teeth 8-16
  • Body firm, opaque
  • Transversal@musculature@absent
  • Head medium width
  • Fin bridge@absent
  • Anterior@and posterior fins@of medium length, fully rayed, rounded;
  • Collarette@absent or short
  • Gut@diverticula absent
  • Small eyes with T-shaped pigment spot
  • Seminal vesicles with@knob@and trunk, close to or touching posterior@fins
  • Ovaries medium length, extend to@ventral ganglion
  • Ova@large
  • Adhesive@papillae@and adhesive organs absent




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  • Marine Species Identification Portal 201