Students A-G

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Johnny Groneng Aase: Satellite-based monitoring of maritime activities in remote waters

Joana Almeida: Assimilation of acquaculture-derived organic carbon by temperate reef sponge assemblages

Collete Appert: Post-release fate of Antarctic skates

Lilian (Denisse) Fierro Arcos: Understanding the impacts of fine-scale sea ice and ocean dynamics on Southern Ocean ecosystems

Jeremy Asimus: The geological evolution of William's Ridge

Daniel Atwater:  East Antarctic Fast Ice Model

Katherine (Katy) Baker:  Understanding the role of micronekton in the export of carbon in the Southern Ocean

Kimberlee Baldry: New and improved environmental surraogates for primary productivity and plankton biodiversity in the Southern Ocean and their utility in carbon budgets, ecological budgets and monitoring change

Kaya Baxter:  Machine learning and molecular techniques to predict algal blooms in eastern Tasmanian waters

Eloise Bennett: Environmental regulation of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) released by seaweeds

Chris Berry:  Morphology and habitats of Southern Tasman Sea seamounts

Tyson Bessell: Ecology and conservation biology of Red Handfish

Colby Bignell: Investigation of the movement ecology and distribution of elasmobranchs in the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park (NMP), Western Australia.

Melanie Borup:  Sensitivity of Antarctic terrestrial meiofauna to stressors as drivers of biodiversity

Stephen Bradshaw: Environmental drivers of Southern Rock Lobster productivity

Rachel Breslin:  An investigation of the feasibility of transgenerational immunity as a health management in Lobster aquaculture

Claire Butler: Comparative effects of ocean warming on kelp-herbivore interactions across Australian temperate reefs

Robin Cappaert: Influences on the Composition of Biofouling Communities Associated with Salmon Aquaculture

Ian Cartwright:  The under-utilisation of Australia's living marine resources

Camila Cataldo Mendez: Use of biomarkers to trace how changing sea-ice affects the ecological roles of krill and zooplankton in the Southern Ocean

Yanyu Chen:  AI in Giant Grab

Zijin Chen: The impact of Antarctic sea ice on simulated Southern Ocean water masses

Ernest Chuku: Characterising shell development of the Pacific oyster using the novel application of nuclear technologies

Samuel Clawson: Mapping the biodiversity impacts of aquaculture feed

Matthew Corkill: Resolving key iron processes in Antarctic sea ice

Inessa Corney: Physiological tolerance of Southern Ocean crustacean

Lisa Craw: The influence of marine ice on ice shelf dynamics and stability

Layla Creac'h: Evaluation and application of palaeoceanographic proxies in the Southern Ocean

Joseph Cresswell: Investigating temporal and spatial variability of the biological pump within the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean across the last 100 thousand years

Camilla Crockart: Developing paleoclimate records to interrogate Indian Ocean continent climate coherencies from East Antarctic ice core records

Laura Dalman: Physical controls of Southern Ocean ice-associated primary production

Filipe Da Silva: Dynamical oceanography of a standing meander in the Antarctic Circumploar current: a parallet investigation with observations and models

Andrea Davies: Using geochemical techniques to quantify dust deposition to the Southern Ocean

Madeleine Davies-Knight: Reproductive impairments in Chondrichthyans: A neglected problem critical for future population success

Lara Denis-Roy: Unravelling the diversity and complexity of reef communities using metagenomics

Olivia (Olly) Dove: The influence of fine-scale environmental variation and anthropogenic factors on the foraging ecology of marine mesopredators in south-east Tasmania

Anushka Egoda Gamage: Influence of small rivers and estuarine exchange on coastal ecology

Rani Ekawaty: Harvest strategies for Tasmanian coastal fisheries shared between recreational and commercial sectors

Deanne Elvines: Tracing the fate of fish-farm -derived nutrients in the broader marine environment

Siobhan Evans: Antarctic Krill sedaDNA - Probing ancient Antarctic krill populations

Aaron Ferderer: Influence of ocean alkalinity enhancement on phytoplankton species composition

Luisa Forbes: Abalone fleet dynamics

Noemie Friscourt: Using marine predators as integrated samplers of the Southern Ocean marine ecosystem

Sofia GabrielExamining habitat use and behaviour of white sharks

Lachlan George: Fine-scale behaviour of elasmobranchs

Yash Gimonkar: Analysing Ecological Change in the Southern Ocean

Megan Grant: Seabirds as a vector for nutrients and pollutants on islands

Cara-paige (Paige) Green: in the footsteps of John Warham: Quantifying the ecological factors underpinning population trends in crested penguins

Catherine Gregory: Understanding marine heatwaves and their drivers for improved predictability on seasonal to subseasonal timescales

Jiaying Guo: Impacts of carbonate chemistry and trace metal perturbations related to ocean alkalinity enhancement on Southern Ocean plankton communities

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30 May, 2023